Hot Sell Anti Acne Whitening Cream

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Hot sell anti acne whitening cream; professional OEM/ODM face anti acne whitening cream;Anti Acne Pimples Skin Whitening Face Cream For Woman;Face Anti Acne Scar Remove Cream; best skin care anti acne cream; anti acne cream forwhitening face skin;anti-acne whitening cream;pure active anti acne whitening cream;



Form: Cream, Lotion

Main Ingredient: Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Deionized water,involucrata extract,Licorice root extract

Age Group: Adults

Gender: Female

Time Used: Day

Effect: mild moisturizing,Rejuvenate and brighten,Dilute acne skin

Used part: face and neck

Highlight: Clear Acne Cream

Product Type: Made Natural Skin Care



1. Anti-acne effectively

2. Dilute acne skin

3. Fade pigmentation

4. Mild moisturizing

5. Firming

6. Rejuvenate and brighten



1. History and our brands: 23 years cosmetics factory, china TOP 10 cosmetics enterprise. We have EIGHT self-owned brands in China market.


2. Production capacity: 1700 tons per year,40 million pcs per year.


3. Quality Control: We based on GMP and ISO9001 standard to control each production process quality from the material purchasing resources to final finished products delivery.

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