Face Care Products

Face Care Products

Steps of care
Clean face
Cleaning is the first step in basic care to remove dirt from the skin. Cleaning is not done thoroughly enough, often causing obstruction of the hair follicles, making the skin look rough and dull, and more likely to cause acne, acne or other skin problems, so that even the best skin care products can not play their dues. The function may even make the skin worse. Therefore, it is very important to carefully select the cleaning products and clean them in the right way to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.
Balance soft skin
In the process of basic maintenance, a very important but often overlooked step is: toning, which is the use of lotion. Balanced skin is the second step in maintenance. It has three functions:
1. Clean again: In the cleaning step, it is possible that the cleaning is not thorough enough, so that the cleansing product remains on the skin, and the balance softening product can be used to achieve the effect of re-cleaning.
2, astringent skin: in the process of washing the face, the capillary is stimulated and micro-sheet, this step can effectively converge the capillary.
3, balance the natural acid and alkali: the sebum membrane secreted by the skin, protect the skin from bacteria, microbes, but wash the face may destroy the pH of the sebum membrane, so that the skin's ability to resist foreign objects is weakened, so you need to use toner Restores the skin's natural pH.
Moisturizes the skin
The third step in basic maintenance is moisturizing. It provides the nutrients and moisture needed by the skin, giving the skin a healthy skin and elasticity, showing a bright and moving look.
Protective measures
The fourth step in basic maintenance is protection. It forms a protective film on the skin surface to prevent the muscle layer from being damaged by external environmental factors.
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  • Bb Cream Foundation
  • Face Cleanser
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    Face Cleanser

    Product name: face cleanser,face cleansing foam,cleansing cream for face Description face cleanser is a mild cleansing foam cleanser contained with Jeju organic green tea moisturizing, antioxidant ingredients and kaolin washes off not only makeup residue but also soft facial hair impurities with...Read More
  • Cleansing Cream For Face
  • Face Cleansing Foam
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    Face Cleansing Foam

    Specialization Face Cleansing Cream is unique mild cleansing formula suitable for all skin types . Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate and Amino acid retain water in skin and improve skin defense. Feature Face Cleansing Cream is with functional Water Lily extract complex highly eases the discomfort...Read More
  • Cleansing Gel
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    Cleansing Gel

    Function: . Cleanse pores face peeling gel . Gentle gel for reduce pimple . Gentle renewal skin massage gel . Blackheads out skin exfoliating gel . Gentle dead skin peeling gel . Herbal aloe skin gel . Soft face peeling gel . Blackheads removal . Cleansing skin pores . Mildly eliminate the...Read More
  • Face Cleansing
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    Face Cleansing

    Facial Cleansing Cream Bar Strong hydration effects. After the applying, there would be a breathable protecting film to block the filth from the air and anti-acnes growing. Ingredients include natural amino acidic boundary agent, cholesterol derivatives, lactic acid, seaweed extracts and methyl...Read More
  • Moisturizing Face Cream
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    Moisturizing Face Cream

    Skincare beauty show Recommend Reason: good absorbency, moisturizing effect Excellent essence, with good absorbency, moisturizing effect, smooth skin ! Recommend Reason: the skin is fine and smooth After using, face is soft, smooth, faint fragrance, unsticky, good absorbency. Recommend Reason:...Read More
  • Whitening Cream Lotion
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    Whitening Cream Lotion

    Strictly control the quality of products,and Guarantee raw material hygiene from the raw material end 2 .20 years of OEM & ODM manufacturer experiense 3. Certified by ISO9001/ISO22716/GMPC/SGS/MSDS/FDA 4.Continuous research and development of new products that meet the demand of the market...Read More
  • HIGH Quality Shaving Foam
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    HIGH Quality Shaving Foam

    1. This shaving foam has thick and rich lather. 2. Helps cushion your skin against razor. 3. Leaves skin perfectly clear. . 1. We put the active ingredients into this kind of shaving foam.. 2. It will bring you much convenience and comfort for your shaving. 3. We can manufacture such good kinds...Read More
  • Natural Ingredients Shaving Foam
  • Shaving Foam Extra Thick Regular Lemon
  • Natural Wholesale Shaving Foam
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    Natural Wholesale Shaving Foam

    High quality Shaving Foam Item Name: Shave Foam Material: Steel Bottle, Aluminium Alloy Bottle Size: 110ML, 200ML, 400ML Quantity/Ctn: 96PCS(110ML); 72PCS (200ML);48PCS(400ML) Specifications 1.Has thick and rich foam 2.Make shaving safety and fast 3.Protect skin and make it clean and moist...Read More