Whitening Cream

Whitening cream is an emulsified cream for skin that has a certain degree of inhibition, lysis and elimination of dull skin, uneven skin tone and pigmentation on the skin surface. Such products mainly rely on the addition of active ingredients that inhibit and reduce melanin in the cream base to achieve freckle.
Whitening cream can help to dilute the pigment, whiten the skin, and make the subsequent makeup more durable. When purchasing whitening cream, you should pay attention to the choice of purchasing a product with guaranteed quality. Otherwise, it may not only maintain the skin but also may cause irritation to the skin.
Medical natural therapy provides the skin with the safest, translucent whitening effect, effectively acts on two active proteins in melanocytes, controls the spread and precipitation of melanin, brightens the skin while clearing other harmful substances in the skin, from the inside out Bright skin tone. This kind of white is not white and pale, and the translucent whitening of natural and healthy skin is like the whiteness of the skin.
Applicable people
1, computer radiation, day and night lead to spots
2, endocrine disorders, forming spots
3, skin allergies, ultraviolet radiation to form stains
4, chloasma, butterfly spots, pregnancy spots, age spots
5, metabolic function reduces skin dullness
6, the use of lead, mercury over standard cosmetics caused spots
How to use
1. Take an appropriate amount of whitening cream on the palm of your hand.
2. Dip a proper amount with your fingertips and gently place it on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.
3, smear along the skin texture, smear from the bottom up, T area from the inside out.
4, gently massage until fully absorbed, showing healthy whitening from the inside out.
During the use of whitening cream, it is necessary to strengthen the skin's moisture and use sunscreen products.
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