Herbal Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Herbal Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
Why You Want It... After just one use, strands feel thicker and look fuller and more abundant! Helps to thicken and texturize any hair type! Immerse your skinny strands in this super volumizing formula to create fuller looking, shiny hair after just one use. Not Tested on Animals Ingredients:...
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1.Provides necessary nutritions, double moisturizing dry hair;

2.Complete and delicate cleansing with specific cosmetic reconstructing action;

3.Supplementary water to inhibit hair defiant, preventing split ends and Anti-loss hair;

4.Hair and clean lubrication, easy to comb



1) Wet the hair with warm water;

2) Pour a proper amount of shampoo on the palm, rub and spread the shampoo evenly onto the hair;together with rubbing and massaging on the scalp with fingertips, and then wash with warm water;

3) Repeat again if necessary;

4) Water after shampoo;



1.Keep out of reach of children.

2.Avoid contact with eyes and skin, rinse eyes immediately if contact 


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