Hand Mask

The hand mask contains a variety of natural plant extracts and rich biological active cell molecules, gently dissolve old dead skin cells, deep hydrating, nourish nails from the roots, improve hand defense and self-repair ability, with natural vitamins, make hands old / rough The skin becomes supple and smooth, delicate, soft, white and elastic.
The hand is the woman's second face, so hand care is very important for women. Compared with the traditional hand cream, the hand mask is deeply nourished and the effect is remarkable. The protective film formed makes the effect last longer. Moisturizing and wrinkle-reducing, rich in mineral nutrients and trace elements, moisturizing, whitening and hand skin, keeping your hands moist and soft. Improves dryness, cracking, roughness, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone on the back of the palm of your hand.
If the hands are too dry or the skin is aging, some dry lines will appear. Use the hand mask to calm the dry lines on the hands, and add nutrients to the skin, improve cell vitality, make the fine lines disappear, and restore the skin elasticity. And resist the production of wrinkles.
The hand mask can deeply nourish the skin, repair the skin damaged by the external environment pollution and the sun, and have effects on the wrinkles caused by oxidation on the skin, but it is impossible to repair the wound by hand. Some substances in the hand mask may be irritating to the wound.
Instructions for use
1. After the hand is cleaned and dried, remove the product from the bag.
2. put on the hand mask, gently press the outer layer of the film cloth to make the hand close contact with the film cloth essence.
3. after about 20-40 minutes, you can take off the hand mask, wash it with water, and then use the hand armor cream to maintain.
4. Regular maintenance according to the condition of the hand.
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    Whitening and Moisturizing Hand Mask

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