Nail Cream

Nail polish is a kind of cosmetics that is widely used in fingernails or toenails. It is rich in color and beautiful, and has both aesthetic and protective effects.
The composition of ordinary nail polish generally consists of two types, one is solid component, mainly pigment, glittering substance, etc.; the other is solvent component of liquid, mainly used acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate, Formaldehyde and the like.
1. Following the trend, with the popularity of nail art, various new colors have appeared, and a beautiful and beautiful nail is very eye-catching, increasing the charm of interacting with people.
2. Display taste, a mature and generous woman can add icing on the nails, the color and style changes can give people a different feeling, and paint beautiful scenery for your beauty.
3. Keep it perfect. In the very grand occasions such as weddings and large-scale dinners, girls are pursuing perfection. The beautiful nails are equipped with white hands and are very delicate. They also give people a respect for noble feelings.
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  • Nail Cream For Brittle Nails
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    Nail Cream For Brittle Nails

    nail cream for brittle nails Features: A. Natural material, high technology. B. Light, thin, rich color, no sense of weight, odorless and environmentally friendly. C. Easy to operate, modeling, easy for painting and soak off. D. Three step gel, never shrinking, dry fast A gentle, calming and...Read More
  • Nail Care Buffing Cream
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    Nail Care Buffing Cream

    Nail Care Buffing Cream is extensible and absorbs quickly, and soothes skin discomfort. Although the attribution finger can be used in the series, it can be applied to the fingernails, but it can be used in other dry parts of the body.Read More