Different skin characteristics

1, neutral skin

The skin feels fine,dry or greasy, dry when the weather turns cold, sometimes shiny in summer, more light-resistant and insensitive to external stimuli.which is regular to see in adolescent girls.

2, dry skin

The skin looks delicate, but with seasonal change, the skin becomes dry and peeling, prone to wrinkles and spots,and then will feel rough if touch it.

3, oily skin

Face often generates oil, comes with large pores and rough skin, cortical thick and prone to acne,not easy to produce wrinkles.

4, mixed skin

Forehead, nose and jaw are shiny, cause acne easily, the rest area is dry. Mixed skin is the easiest skin type generates oil in summer, dry in winter and even peeling.

5, sensitive skin

Skin epidermis thin, delicate white, less sebum secretion, more dry, obvious microvessels , the skin showed diminished ability to dry the cuticle or retain water, the formation of sebum film the skin surface is not complete.

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