Pre-sleep maintenance instructions

Must fall asleep before 11pm

The time of beauty is generally from 10 o'clock in the evening to 2 o'clock in the morning. During this time period, better sleep quality can be achieved, which can accelerate the metabolism of the skin and delay the aging of the skin. Not falling asleep before 11 pm is actually the best time to miss the skin metabolism.

Dinner should be low salt to avoid drinking

For dinner before going to sleep, be sure to choose low-salt and non-alcoholic drinks. Be sure to reduce the amount of water you drink before you go to sleep. Avoid waking your eyes the next morning or getting eye bags on your face. If you want to drink some flavored drinks, try fennel tea, mint tea or sweet orange tea. Helps soothe flatulence.

Thoroughly clean your face before you feel it

Before going to sleep, you should thoroughly cleanse your face and make it clean. Use a professional makeup remover to remove makeup from your face. If you don't have makeup, you need to thoroughly clean your face with a deep cleansing facial cleanser because the skin on the face passes through the day. Dust, computer radiation and other faces are covered with all kinds of dirt, so it needs to be thoroughly cleaned, so that the skin can not be blocked by pores and pigmentation.