What is a natural plant skin care product? What are the ingredients of the ingredients?(2)

Third: powder plant raw materials

The raw materials are in the form of powder.

Ultrafine powder:

Plant raw materials such as dried flowers and leaves are finely ground into powders of 200 mesh or more, even thousands of meshes. This powder can be used for loose powder, massage, mask pulp and the like. The purpose concept is the number of powders released per area of a square centimeter. The larger the mesh number, the finer the powder. The average flour is about 60 mesh to 80 mesh, and the above 200 mesh is basically ultrafine powder. Generally, the cell wall can be broken by about 800 mesh.

We usually use spray-dried powder or lyophilized powder, which is not ground. The spray-dried powder is a powder made by spray drying. The plant extract is sprayed from top to bottom, and hot air is moved up. When the collision process is carried out, the water of the powder is extracted. The active ingredient of the dry matter falls down to form a lot of powder, which we can think of as the rest of the plant extract after the water is completely removed. The lyophilized powder is a plant extract which is frozen at minus 30 degrees, then heated to sublimate, and the water is directly changed into a gaseous state from a solid of minus 30 degrees. The remaining powder is a lyophilized powder, which is the most active and can function as a plant. Sexual substances are best preserved and have the same function as fresh plants.

The difference between the two kinds of powder: ultrafine powder, no matter how thin, often has certain fiber components, and plant extracts are often completely soluble in water, and no fiber exists.

Fourth: plant raw materials

Plant raw materials are not changed, like petals, plant roots, stems, leaves, etc. Put something like this petal in the mask to give the product a certain function of the plant. For example, rose petals have whitening and moisturizing functions, while floating a lot of petals, with a certain decorative function. Plant raw materials can be flexibly used in skin care products to form a true plant skin care system.

For plant lotions, use pure extracts, extracts, extracts, and essential oils.

Essence, pure dew, extract, extract, essential oil.

For gels, pure dew, extracts, extracts, and essential oils can be used.

As the emulsion, a pure dew, an extract, a plant extract, a base oil, a soaking oil, a plant essential oil or the like can be used.

For creams, use pure extracts, extracts, plant extracts, base oils, soaking oils, plant essential oils, etc.

Mask, can use pure dew, extract, extract, essential oils, plant powder, and of course, plant raw materials

Pure natural is 100% pure plant products, there is no artificial addition. Concepts that satisfy the natural nature are generally divided into five categories:

First, pure plant essential oils. Second, the base oil, compound essential oil. Third, soak the oil. Fourth, plant pure dew. Five, plant powder.

It is not that there is no pure natural product in the whole market, but there is no pure natural product except these five categories. We have found that pure raw materials can be pure natural, pure water, pure oil or pure powder. However, if it is made into an emulsion, because there are water and oil, the two systems form a multi-layer product, it is very easy to breed bacteria, so at least increase the bacteriostatic agent, emulsifier, etc., it can not be pure natural, but he Can achieve 99% natural. Unless it is currently in use, it will be used on the same day or in a few days, so that it will not spoil. In fact, it is purely natural, sometimes it is a concept. We are able to achieve 99% of the possibilities, and it is already an ideal product. In summary, we generally use the raw materials of plants as much as possible. The water may use pure plant dew, the oil is made of base oil, and some essential oils are added to make our plant products. Even 99% of natural raw materials are available.

The absorption properties of plant products are particularly good, especially fast. It is generally used in an amount of 3 to 4 times that of ordinary products. Because it is too easy to absorb, it will be absorbed quickly when applied to the skin, so it is not enough if it is small. We use vegetable oil, and vegetable oils tend to have a certain color, or yellow or green or yellow-green, rather than white, the appearance of plant products tends to be slightly rougher, because the molecular weight inside vegetable oil is not balanced, large and small. Therefore, the product is not always consistent, there is no delicate white feeling of mineral oil, no slippery feeling. Vegetable oils tend to be slightly viscous and particularly absorbent. Use only vegetable oil, only plant essential oils, plus a little plant extract, even if the formula is very simple, it will have a very magical skin care effect.