Lip Cream

Lipstick is one of the most primitive and common lipsticks, usually solid, and the texture is dry and harder than lip gloss and lip gloss. Lipstick has become a common cosmetic for modern women in China. Applying a proper amount of lipstick to the lips can make people look extraordinarily charming. It has high color saturation, strong color hiding power, and it is not easy to overflow due to the deepness of the lip lines because it is solid. It is often used to modify the lip shape and lip color.
Applying a daily applied cream to the dry lips has no effect. Lips need to be moisturized, long-lasting, and can stay on the surface of the lips without penetration. This is lip balm.
Although it can not be said that the role of lip balm is omnipotent, it contains the main ingredients for the special needs of the skin of the lips, which can provide a barrier for the lips to lock in moisture.
The main ingredients of the lipstick include wax, oil and pigment, which are basically separated from Vaseline and wax, but now there is also a new formula without wax. And antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, as well as SPF sunscreen, are the selling points of popular lipsticks. If the skin of the lips is sensitive, it is best to choose a lipstick that contains natural and sesame oil.
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