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The thickness of the neck skin is only 2/3 of the face, and the collagen content is relatively small. If there is no proper care, it is prone to water shortage, roughness, dullness, slack and fine lines. Especially in the dry and cold winter, the skin itself is more prone to lack of water, coupled with the high-neck sweater and scarf, the neck care is more critical.The characteristics of the neck skin is that the neck skin is relatively thin, so the relative oil secretion will be less, and the relative length will be easier. In addition, just as the skin of the eye is thin and the movement is gentle, the skin of the neck also needs to be gentle.
Neck Mask can give the necessary nutrients to the skin layer, enhance the activity of collagen in the skin, maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum moisture and texture structure, improve the skin cell living environment and promote the metabolism of skin tissue, moisturize the skin, delay aging, The purpose of beauty and wrinkle reduction.
It is especially suitable for neck wrinkles loose, dry, lack of white sputum, elastic mature skin, and neck relaxation after weight loss.
Utilizing biopolymers to store high-efficiency whitening and moisturizing natural extracts and high moisturizing factor, it can quickly penetrate the cervical stratum corneum, replenish moisture and dilute pigmentation. In just 20 minutes, the skin is not only full and full, transparent and bright, but also full of elasticity. Adhere to use can improve blood circulation, enhance skin nutrition, make skin soft, wrinkles less, and more elastic.
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  • Whitening Collagen Neck Mask
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    Whitening Collagen Neck Mask

    Whitening collagen neck mask; bio-cellulose neck mask; Collagen Crystal Neck Mask; Green Tea Whitening Gel Neck Mask; Whitening Anti-Aging Neck Care Collagen Neck Mask; Cucumber Whitening Facial Mask; Details: Form :Mask Material :Crystal Mask Form :Sheet Ingredient :Herbal Main Ingredient...Read More