6s Site Management

   "6S" site management plays an important role in cosmetics production and manufacturing enterprises, especially in the production of cosmetics A-class enterprises. The Ya butterfly Factory enters the "5S" mode from the "4S" site management mode, and then enters into the "6S" management era. It is a step-by-step improvement of self-recognition and self-requirement of the company's production and operation, and is also a basic requirement for the quality of customers' products. Guarantees also laid the foundation for the continuous and stable operation of our plant's various systems.



   The "6S" learning and training meeting in the first quarter of 2017 requires all employees at all levels to select employees for participation. The theoretical knowledge of management personnel, the actual inspection of production sites, and the learning methods of management personnel with “acquainting with students” explained that Ya Butterfly’s management attaches great importance to “6S” on-site management learning, and also shows that Yadie’s employees are active and pragmatic. Learning attitude.




  Ya butterfly takes quality as its foundation, efficiency as guarantee and development as the guide to provide our customers with the best quality products. In the future, we will keep up with the trend of the times and make continuous progress with more advanced management models and technologies.