After The Sun Repair Cool Crisp Mousse


Functional effects: In the summer when the sun is strong, the skin has sunburn or hot heat, the appropriate amount of mousse is sprayed and deposited in the place where it needs to be relieved. It can effectively calm down and quickly lower the skin surface temperature.

1. After shaking 4-5 times before use; spray from a spot about 20cm away from the skin area where ice effect is needed. 

2. Press the mousse membrane to strengthen it.

3. Discard without cold feeling. (Can be used for the body in need of care - back, arms, neck, shoulders, etc.)

How to use: Before use, gently sway and then spray to form a mousse film on the part that needs to be calmed. There is a sense of ice that calms and calms down. It cannot be sprayed directly on the face. It needs to be sprayed on the arm and moved to the face. Press the mousse membrane to strengthen the cold, and discard it without feeling cold.

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