Couple Age

Different ways of skin care at different times, because the human skin has different characteristics in different stages, so skin care should also use different methods at different times. In his youth, his skin condition is very good. Trott suggested that this time as long as the choice of oil control, cleaning ability of skin care products, to prevent the growth of pimples on the line. Girls at this stage can not ignore the protection of their own skin, can not only begin to use mom's advanced skin care products at the age of thirteen, so that the skin premature dependence on "external help", just use moisturizing skin care products Can be. Young people mature skin, you can more systematically choose the condition of their skin care products. However, since each person's age at admission is not the same, it is unscientific for many to set the starting age of 25 as skin care. For people with poor skin, it's not too early to start skincare from the age of 18.