Net Micellar Makeup Remover


Makeup remover, skin rejuvenation, comfort, replenishment.

Dual hydrophilic and lipophilic properties, easy to absorb facial dirt!

Biomicelle technology quickly cleans the skin. Micellar micelles dissolve in combination with water, making it easy to adsorb skin dirt and have an unparalleled cleaning effect.

What is a micellar?

Micellella in Pharmaceutics means that when the positive adsorption of the surfactant reaches saturation, the surfactant is added, and the molecules are transferred into the solution due to the presence of its lipophilic group, water molecules and surface activity. The repulsive force of the agent molecules is far greater than the attraction force, which causes the surfactant molecules themselves to rely on Van der Waals forces to aggregate with each other, form lipophilic groups inward, hydrophilic groups outward, and stably disperse in water, the size of which is in colloidal particles.