Skin Care Products Antioxidant Era

As people cheerfully discover new and natural ingredients, the skin is still prematurely aged and its metabolic functions are deteriorating. The skin is not delaying aging due to the continuous application of new ingredients. Skincare experts at this time was only surprised to find that the root cause of skin aging is "skin oxidized", and only against oxidation can prevent skin aging. At this point of skin care becomes the same with the body care, the need for some functional effect, rather than protection, maintenance only.

The most famous theory of this era is free radical theory, the father of the most famous anti-oxidant is Dr. Ray Parker, he and a group of scientists pioneered the theory of free radical oxidation, and gradually by many companies. Anti-free radicals divided into two kinds, one is vitamins, such as vitamins C, E, these are antagonistic anti-oxidation, these elements and then sacrificed in the free radical confrontation. There is also a class of plant nutrients, such as grape seed extract, lycopene, lutein and so on, this is a depletion-type antioxidant, these elements in the fight against free radicals to eat free radicals. Therefore, the characteristics of this era is the combination of oral and external use. Higher knowledge of consumers, more professional. Skin care industry gradually change with doctors, lawyers, like, private and professional. Many foreign countries have the ability to employ professional private nutritionists, private beauticians.