Skin Care Products Natural Ingredients Era

From the 80s of last century, skin experts found that: in the skin care products to add a variety of natural raw materials, the skin has a certain moisture effect. This time a large-scale natural extraction separation industry has matured since then, the skin care ingredients on the market slowly to find the natural ingredients! From the land to the sea, from plants to animals, all kinds of natural ingredients everything. Some even go to places of inaccessibility, trying to find special ingredients that create miracles of skin care, including rainforests.

Of course, there are many natural gimmicks at this time, and most of the primer materials may still follow the composition of the mineral oil era. Only occasional natural ingredients are added because there are still many difficult problems to be overcome in mixing ingredients, preservatives and the like. Some companies have been able to completely abandon the original industrial lines, producing pure natural things, and slowly form some of the top brand is very focused.