Summer Beauty

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In summer, the skin is easily out of balance. Often neutral skin, will become oily or dry. At this moment, people should adjust their beauty skin care products according to the change of the seasons so that their skin can be best protected.

The general summer of ultraviolet rays pose the greatest threat to the skin. It loses skin elasticity and causes premature aging. Can also cause melasma and solar dermatitis occurred. When going out, it is best to wear a cap umbrella while applying some sunscreen on the face or exposed parts, which can effectively resist UV damage to the skin. Summer toilet water can often be used as a disinfectant, which consists of 3% flavors and 70% alcohol and the amount of water. In the wash water, bath, bedroom, living room or body sprinkle some, not only deodorant to sweat, anti-itching sterilization, but also brain refreshing. In addition, the summer on the clean skin, you can also put some right amount of talcum powder or prickly heat powder, they have a cool, antiperspirant, itching effect.