Natural Sunscreen Cream

Sunscreen is a cosmetic that protects against sunburn and sunburn by adding a sunscreen that blocks or absorbs UV rays. According to the principle of sun protection, sunscreen can be divided into physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen.
The physical sunscreen uses sunscreen particles to form a protective layer on the surface of the skin, reflecting the light waves that may damage the skin in the ultraviolet rays, and to protect the skin. Physical sunscreen particles generally stay on the surface of the skin and Are not absorbed by the skin, so the burden on the skin is relatively small, and it is not easy to cause skin sensitivity.
Chemical sunscreens combine certain chemicals with cells to absorb sun damage that may be harmful to the skin before the cells are damaged.
Sunscreens need to choose different SPF or PA values ​​depending on the specific target to achieve the purpose of sun protection. The principle of sunscreen is to separate the skin from the UV rays. The sunscreen and sunscreen, the main difference is the physical properties, The general moisture content of the cream is about 60%, it looks "thick", it is creamy; and the emulsion, water content is more than 70%, it looks thin, there are fluidity. Generally, the lotion is more refreshing than The cream because the water content is relatively high, but the formulator can still use different oily ingredients and thickeners to adjust the "greasy" degree of the cream.
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    Private Label Baby Skin Care Natural Sunscreen Lotion

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    Sunscreen Cream For Dry Skin

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    Sunscreen Cream Spf 50

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    Sunscreen Creams For Face

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