Whitening Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen lotion is a skin care product made by using the principle of sun protection to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, thereby preventing the production and accumulation of melanin, and applying it to the skin to prevent the sun from coming into contact with the skin.
Sun protection is a homework to do every day. The UVA ultraviolet light that causes skin aging is highly penetrating. It penetrates the glass and penetrates the cloud layer and directly enters the dermis layer of the skin, causing direct damage to the skin. Therefore, it is also necessary to apply sunscreen in the office, but choose a sunscreen or a cream that is lighter in texture. You can also choose a sunscreen with a maintenance function. SPF15/PA+ is enough. It should be emphasized that sunscreen or barrier cream does not block computer radiation. The most important means of eliminating radiation is to do the cleaning work every night.
1. When the sun is weak and the exposure time is short: clean the skin first; use lotion; if it is dry skin, apply a little lotion; wipe the sunscreen around SPF15.
2. When the sun is shining and the exposure time is long, in addition to the above steps, it is necessary to wipe the sunscreen above SPF15, and wipe the sunscreen dual-use powder every two hours.
3. When applying sunscreen, don't neglect the neck, chin, ears, etc., and be careful to cause uneven skin tone.
4. If the sweat has washed away the sunscreen, it should be painted again every few hours.
5. Even if sunscreen measures are taken, if the sun is strong, it is best to use after-sun care products at night.
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    Wholesale Natural Whitening Sun Block Sunscreen Lotion

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